An end-to-end online building consent system.

AlphaOne is a council and client facing cloud based IT platform that is proven to transform building control work-flow and service delivery to the public.  It offers an end-to-end online building consent solution with layered benefits to multiple stakeholders:

  • Building consent authorities attain a step-change in service delivery and efficiency.
  • The paying public and business (applicants) attain genuine transparency over process, restoring confidence and trust in the integrity and accountability of council consenting services.
  • A positive ripple effect is felt by all stakeholders, applicants, designers, architects, builders and the building industry generally all ‘feel’ the benefit.  For some this is monetised , and for others it surfaces as goodwill.


Why AlphaOne?

New Zealand has a fragmented and diverse interpretation and application of the building code by over 65 burdened service delivery arms (councils and other building consent authorities) operating with out-dated mostly paper based systems, which carry consenting risk, inherent inefficiency and increased compliance costs for the industry.

Compare current manual systems with AlphaOne Automation.

Legacy Systems


Folders full of paper moving from desk to desk.  Labour intensive systems with many bottlenecks.  Dependencies on key staff who guard their domain knowledge. Several people work on the same digital consent concurrently.  All information about the project is available to anyone with access permissions.
Councils carry consenting risk if decisions are not transparent and easily audited. Records and time stamps every transaction, decision, and reason for decision in accordance with International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ) requirements.  Enables off-site audits and performance monitoring.
Fragmented application of regulatory frameworks by over 65 building consent authorities creates a complex and confusing business environment. A single source of truth closely linked to relevant Codes means builders and developers know where they stand no matter where they are in the country.
Shifting interpretations of the Building Act resulted in the “leaky homes” problem and contribute to ongoing issues with defective buildings today. A building code benchmark system that incorporates building consent authority best practices from industry leaders is in the hands of each inspector and staff member.  Automatically updated for every change in the law.
Delays in processing and inconsistency result in increased compliance costs for industry, creating a burden on the local economy.  Uncertainty over cost and delivery time has unfavourable impacts on building projects and budgets. Reduces processing time while increasing consistency between building consent authorities.  It supports digitization of front office services, creates full transparency that business, developers, architects, builders, home-owners and other external stakeholders expect and without replacing key human touch-points.
It can take days to create reports for senior management or elected officials.  Tracking under-performing staff is difficult and time consuming. Built in analytics are derived from your data in real time.  Display your key performance statistics on a big screen in reception.
Peaks and troughs in demand for consents can make it difficult to find and retain trained staff. Provides building consent authorities access to a “virtual” consents officer resourcing pool.  Provides just-in-time in-the-field training for new staff.
Supreme Award Winners


Selwyn District Council not only took out the SOLGM Local Government Excellence award 2014 for transforming their service delivery with online consenting using AlphaOne but also won the Supreme McGredy Winder award across all categories.

“Congratulations to Ian Butler and Vanessa Beavon (pictured centre here with trophies in hand) and the SDC team who have worked tirelessly with a can-do attitude.  While others have just talked and debated online consenting system, these guys have just got on and done it”.


AlphaOne is an AlphaGroup development.  It is New Zealand’s first truly end-to-end (e2e) online building consent system.  It is an award winning[1], workflow driven, cloud-based system providing an agile mobile platform that is transforming Regulatory service delivery.  AlphaOne supports Building Consent Authorities (BCAs) with delivery of streamline and auditable building consent processing.  Fast access to live data supports with the management of:

  • Risk – permission-based access to live work-streams ensures that staff and contractors work within designated roles and scope of competence.
  • Statutory Performance – real-time reporting on workload and workflow progress (including future inspection workloads) empowers management to quickly respond to fluctuations in workload demands.
  • Workflow Consistency – strong data governance, code-based checklists and deep industry-based knowledge and collaboration sets the benchmark for industry best practice.
  • Information – providing rapid access, retrieval and export of data.
  • Training – inbuilt coaches and web-access to key information provides practical on-the-job support that is fundamental to day-to-day service delivery.
  • IANZ Audit-ability – Each action initiated within the system is auditable.  Each decision and reason for decision is recorded, time-stamped and identifies the decision makers.

AlphaOne is not intended to replace existing corporate Enterprise systems but rather to enhance, using restful API.

AlphaGroup is passionate about achieving a unified national approach to building consenting. Fundamental to its development over the past 18 years has been creating nationally recognized best practice benchmarks for Regulatory Services by delivering:

  • Cutting-edge customer interface that enhances user experience,
  • Smart workflow driven process that links back and front office,
  • National standardization of Regulatory Services
  • Ability for collaboration and resource sharing between Councils.

AlphaOne is battle tested serving some of NZ’s fastest growing Councils. Currently we have 12 Council Building Consent Authorities using the system and are currently onboarding another two that will go-live October 2018.  Over the past 5 years more than 24,000 building consents and 17,000 Code Compliance Certificates have been issued using AlphaOne (with a combined value of more than $12 Billion and with an average building consent processing time of 11 working days).

Make more of a difference

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